Elementa chooses suppliers who can guarantee consumer safety, comply with European and national regulations and provide new and innovative ingredients.

Elementa’s suppliers comply with all the requirements for food and dietary supplement in terms of traceability, HACCP and ISO9000 or ISO22000 certifications, allergen control, absence of GMOs, Kosher and Halal certifications, chemical and microbiological contaminants…

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Solutex Ingredients Solutex is a company specialized in the manufacturing of oils highly concentrated in omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.Since 2004, Solutex has been developing an innovative...


Bioiberica Ingredients  BIOIBERICA is a Spanish company founded in 1975. Specialized in the identification and extraction of biomolecules from animal tissues, it is the world leader in the production of active ingredients of high therapeutic...


Allmicroalgae Ingredients The Allmicroalgae company cultivates and markets microalgae. It owns the Allma® brand. Allmicroalgae produces high-quality Chlorella.  It has been cultivating Chlorella for 8 years at its production unit in Leira near...


Ferlux Ferlux, a French company located in Cournon d’Auvergne (central France), specializes in the production of berry extracts rich in polyphenols. Frelux’s expertise in biotechnology and its use of mild extraction and purification procedures ensure the production of...

Naturalia Ingredients

Naturalia Ingredients, based in Sicilia, is the result of an alliance between the wine manufacturer Foraci, and Eridania Sadam, the Italian leader in sugar production.
It is the only powdered fruits sugars producer in the world since 2012.

Perles de Gascogne

​Founded in 1995, Perles de Gascogne is a French family-run company specializing in the production and distribution of rare and unique first cold-pressed virgin oils.

Robertet Health & Beauty

Robertet Health & Beauty develops and markets innovative and natural health ingredients dedicated to the skin, the hair and the silhouette for the dietary supplements and cosmetics market.
Robertet Health & Beauty is a division of Robertet group.


Founded in 1996, Monteloeder is a Spanish company that specializes in sourcing, formulating and custom blending of plant extracts.


Pevesa, based in Spain, specializes in the manufacture of rice proteins and rice protein hydrolysates intended for infant food.


Based in Berlin, Organobalance specialises in research and development into probiotics for the food-processing industry, pharmaceuticals, health, animal and human nutrition.


Lipofoods specializes in the development and production of health-food ingredients, providing nutritional and technical solutions for the food, beverage, dietary supplements, dietetic products and nutricosmetics industries.


Kalys is the European specialist in konjac glucomannan. It has more than 15 years of experience in sourcing konjac in Asia, mainly China and Japan.


BTSA Biotecnologías Aplicadas based in Madrid, Spain is the main European manufacturer of natural vitamin E and natural tocopherols. BTSA also offers a wide range of anti-oxidant blends.