Kalys is the European specialist in konjac glucomannan. It has more than 15 years of experience in sourcing konjac in Asia, mainly China and Japan.

Kalys has acquired in-depth knowledge on the konjac plant, and its cultivation and processing in China. It regularly carries out food safety controls at each step of the process, from tuber production to powder production for the konjac used in dietary supplements or food products in Western countries.

Kalys has been collaborating with local Chinese konjac producers for over 15 years. These long-standing partnerships ensure that Kalys ingredients comply with Western food safety standards.

Kalys has in-depth knowledge of the technological and nutritional properties of konjac glucomannan and helps its customers with konjac formulations in foods, alone or together with other gums. Kalys can also provide advice on analytical or regulatory issues.

Kalys is part of the MERIDIS Group.