Deltagen is a UK based company that belongs to the MARIGOT – AQUAMIN Group

Marigot, established in 1993, is a world-renowned producer of ingredients, which specialises in the development and marketing of marine minerals, sold internationally under the “Aquamin” brand. 

Deltagen specialises in plant-based protein from pulses, derived from chickpeas, lentils and fava beans. It provides a range of European, standard and certified organic flours, concentrates and isolates.


The Atura range was created to meet the growing demand for plant-based foods. The purpose of this range is to improve the overall health and well-being of the world’s growing population while preserving the environment. To achieve this, Deltagen has turned its attention to pulses. 

Growing pulses offers a number of environmental advantages over other agricultural practices. Pulses can “fix Nitrogen” from the air by their association with Rhizobium bacteria via nodule formation. This reduces the amount of fertiliser needed and enriches the soil with nitrogen compounds. 1 ; 2 ; 3 

According to the WHO, “Pulses are a good alternative to meat and may play an important role in providing sustainable healthy diets in the future. 4


What’s more, the production of pulses consumes less water than animal protein production. Growing pulses uses 6 times less water than producing beef (per gram of protein) and 1.5 times less than milk, eggs and chicken (per gram of protein). 5

It is important to note that the beans are sourced locally

The pillars of ATURA DELTAGEN


Deltagen draws on its scientific expertise and technological know-how to develop ingredients that are both nutritionally interesting and functional. Application and functionality tests are carried out in their R&D laboratory.


One of the major issues with plant proteins is the flavour. ATURA has done a remarkable job in this respect, as their range has a relatively neutral sensory profile.

Product and supplier quality

Deltagen guarantees the quality and safety of their products throughout their supply chain. Their ingredients are vegetarian with a low glycemic index and are GMO-free

Certified FSSC22000, organic and FEMAS, food safety is at the very heart of their priorities

Their partnership sourcing model enables them to guarantee the quality of their products. In fact, their suppliers are BRC-certified.

The Market

Just like Elementa, Deltagen’s focus is very “Market” driven. They work cross-functionally with the technical and sales teams to research and develop solutions throughout the supply chain. In this way, they can best meet customer requirements for sustainability while maintaining good value for money

  • To summarise, Atura offers sustainable protein ingredients backed by science and “market” know-how.
    This partnership was born from our shared ideas and values, which are a technical approach, transparency, a market focus and a desire to create sustainable solutions


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