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Elementa is a company specialised in marketing health ingredients for food supplements, infant formulas, dietetic and functional foods in France, Benelux and Spain.


Pylopass ™, new clinical study, proven efficacy in children

Pylopass ™ is a unique patented ingredient that reduces contamination by H pylori, the first risk factor for ulcers and gastritis.After having shown its effectiveness in adults through 8 clinical studies, it is promising for the digestive health of...
lipophytol cholestrérol

Lipophytol©, an alternative to monacolin K

Monacolin K is the health ingredient that red yeast rice is known for, being endorsed as a compound that helps reduce cholesterol levels.In 2018, EFSA published its scientific opinion on the safety of monacolins in red yeast rice. EFSA concluded that the...
Konjac santé minceur

Konjac Glucomannan, the health and slimming ingredient goes organic

Elementa puts forward as an organic certified ingredient: Konjac glucomannan, for its dietary and health benefits. Glucomannan is a natural polysaccharide from the Konjac tuber. It is a soluble and viscous fibre that increases its volume in contact with...


Unlike other distributors, Elementa sells only a limited number of active ingredients. We take special pride in knowing the ingredients we market and their suppliers. We strive to provide our customers with extensive and reliable regulatory, nutritional, and technological support and solutions for all their product development needs.


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