Building our Future with Nature

COSUCRA is a family business founded in 1852 in Warcoing, Belgium. Internationally recognized, the company specializes in the production of plant proteins and fibers from two raw materials: chicory and yellow peas.

Their ingredients are used in a wide range of food applications, including dairy products and dairy analogues, beverages, dietary supplements, bakery products, sports nutrition and many others.

COSUCRA is built around four major pillars:

  • Roots: This first pillar has two important meanings for COSUCRA; it refers to their own family foundations, but also to their close ties with the local agricultural and economic environment.
  • Health: The company is committed to promoting modern, healthy eating by offering ingredients that respect consumers' choices.
  • Talent: COSUCRA's continuous growth means that we place great importance on the training and personal development of our staff, in order to guarantee the quality of our ingredients.
  • Planet: They deeply invest in improving their manufacturing processes and ingredients to reduce their environmental impact.

Commitment to sustainability

At COSUCRA, commitment to sustainability is at the heart of their mission. They firmly believe in preserving the planet, thus prioritizing local sourcing. They encourage regenerative farming practices and establish strong partnerships with pea cooperatives and over 400 local chicory farmers, to contribute to healthy soils and the protection of biodiversity.

Innovation and quality

Innovation and quality are two of COSUCRA's core values.

With over 30 years' experience in the manufacture of its products, the company guarantees high-quality ingredients thanks to its operational excellence and cutting-edge technologies

COSUCRA offers high-quality ingredients and supports its customers in the development of ever more innovative products thanks to an integrated system of innovation on 3 levels: manufacturing processes, ingredients and food and beverage concepts. Dedicated R&D teams and excellent know-how are two of our strengths in order to answer to new consumer trends and food needs.

The company is ISO 14001 and FSSC 22000 certified.

Health and nutrition

Their naturally sourced ingredients (such as chicory root fibre FIBRULINE™, pea protein PISANE™) can improve all types of food. Whether you want to reduce the sugar or calorie content of your products or improve their nutritional value, COSUCRA brings you an adapted solution.

Support for the Food Transition

COSUCRA supports the transition to a modern, healthy and sustainable diet by offering plant-based alternatives to animal-based products. Their ingredients are designed to help customers create balanced, environmentally-friendly food products, meeting the needs of health-conscious consumers and their impact on the planet.

Then come and discover the FIBRULINE™, FIBRULOSE™ and PISANE™ pea protein ranges.