Come meet Elementa at the VITAFOODS 2024 Exhibition!

Come meet Elementa at the VITAFOODS 2024 Exhibition!

Elementa is pleased to part of Vitafoods Europe 2024, on 14–16 May. This annual event attracts the leaders of the nutraceutical industry, offering a three-day venue to build business connections.

At a time when healthy and functional food products are more in demand than ever, Elementa stands out as a key partner for your food ingredient needs. At stand N153, Elementa staff are on hand to present our range of innovative ingredients and discuss your product projects.

Whether you’re looking for specific ingredients, new solutions for your formulations or expert advice, we are here to assist you. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that our ingredients are safe and fulfill your requirements.

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Some of our health ingredients, including new products:

An innovative ingredient made up of native (undenatured) type II collagen and glycosaminoglycans. Clinical studies have shown that Collavant® n2 reduces collagen degradation in joints through an oral tolerance mechanism.

  • Marine collagen tripeptides:

Hydrolyzed fish collagen containing at least 15% collagen tripeptides, offering better absorption than standard hydrolyzed collagen. Promotes healthy, radiant skin. Several studies on human subjects and on animal models have demonstrated that this ingredient can improve skin elasticity and hydration and reduce wrinkles starting from an intake of 1g per day.

Prebiotics and postbiotics:

A range of soluble dietary fiber derived from chicory root, composed of 90% inulin on a dry weight basis. Chicory root fibre offers nutritional and functional advantages: it can increase the fiber content and reduce the sugar and fat content in various food products; it also promotes intestinal health and immunity owing to its prebiotic properties.

Patented strain of Limosilactobacillus reuteri, which co-aggregates with Helicobacter pylori (the leading risk factor for ulcers and gastritis), there by reducing the H. pylori bacterial load.

Plant proteins:

PISANE™ is a range of pea protein isolates containing min. 83% protein. This range offers high nutritional quality (chemical score of 0.96 and high digestibility), optimal functional features (optimal solubility, emulsifying properties) and ideal organoleptic properties (neutral taste).

Locally sourced, PISANE™ fosters sustainable diets.

These isolates can be used in beverages, dairy product analogs, bakery products, protein bars and sports nutrition products.

Large variety of organic and conventional pulse proteins, naturally gluten-free, with protein contents ranging from 40% to more than 80% dry weight (chickpeas, fava beans, red lentils).

This range can satisfy various nutritional needs for vegan, vegetarian and special diets. These proteins can be used as alternatives to dairy products and in snacks and bakery products.

Our protein mix are made up of different plant protein isolates and contain more than 80% protein on a dry weight basis.

By combining pulse (fava bean, lentil, pea, etc.) and cereal (rice, etc.) proteins, our protein mixtures can achieve a complete amino acid profile, attain a PDCAAS equal to 1 and contain BCAA and the essential amino acids.

Sustainable Vintera™ grape extracts:

As an aqueous extract of grape pomace with a total polyphenol content of at least 70% and 1% (min.) anthocyanin, its antioxidant properties promote cognitive health by protecting against oxidative stress.

White grape seed extract, with a polyphenol content of 99% (min.) OPCs and less than 5% monomers. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties promote cardiovascular health. This ingredient reduces blood pressure and blood lipid oxidation.

Both extracts are manufactured using coproduct upcycling and sustainable production practices.

Spirulina and chlorella:

French organic spirulina, rich in proteins, iron, phycocyanin, chlorophyll, omega-6 and beta-carotene, is cultivated and slow-dried in France. It is also available in powder form and as nibs/vermicelli; ideal for food supplements, health-food products and is suitable for vegans.

Organic or conventional grown, this spirulina is slow-dried. High in proteins and a source of iron, it has a significant chlorophyll content. It is available in powder and tablet form.

  • European Chlorella: 

Chlorella vulgaris is a microalgae that has a valuable chlorophyll and vitamin B12 content. Either organically or conventionally grown, it is available in powder and tablet form.

We are eager to meet you and share our expertise! See you soon!