Solutex is a company specialized in the manufacturing of oils highly concentrated in omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

Since 2004, Solutex has been developing an innovative platform featuring supercritical fluid (CO2) extraction and other patented techniques for the purification of polyunsaturated fatty acids sourced from algae or fish, in a sustainable manner.

Its continuously operating analytical laboratory facilities gives Solutex a tried-and-true expertise on the quality of its oils. Raw materials and ingredients thus undergo analysis and analytical studies to ensure compliance with quality specifications and quality standards.
Solutex strives to develop new generation omega-3 products to meet the demands of tomorrow’s biolipid industry. The company maintains a portfolio of unique ingredients, drawing on its R&D collaboration with leading universities, hospitals and specialists throughout the world. Solutex notably funds “la Catedra Solutex”, a sustainable chemistry foundation at the University of Zaragoza dedicated to lipid mediator research.

Thanks to its expertise and ambition, Solutex has been able to position itself in 30 countries across 4 continents. The company is certified ISO 22000GMP and HACCP.