The Allmicroalgae company cultivates and markets microalgae. It owns the Allma® brand.

Allmicroalgae produces high-quality Chlorella. 

It has been cultivating Chlorella for 8 years at its production unit in Leira near Lisbon, Portugal.

Allmicroalgae controls the entire production chain, from the initial cultivation step to the processing step, producing roughly 100 t of dry Chlorella biomass every year.

It also has ISO 22 000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 1800 certification.

The company belongs to the Secil group, one of the most important cement groups in Portugal. As part of the group’s environmental policy, it seeks solutions for utilising its factory waste, including CO2and heat.

Convinced of the future of microalgae and their positive impact on health and the environment, the company continually explores and tests new microalgal species to improve the sequestration of CO2 and enhance sustainable development.