Boosting immunity: what ingredients should you add to your formulas?

Boosting immunity: what ingredients should you add to your formulas?

Need to get inspired in this fall 2020? As winter approaches, and above all, due to the complicated sanitary context, the immunity segment has an important role to play currently on the market.

That’s why we have selected for you 3 ingredients that could help boosting immunity.

What ingredients stimulating immunity could be used in the formulation of a new food supplement or dietary product?

  • Chlorella Allma®: a 100% Chlorella vulgaris microalgae, from Europe and certified organic
    Its composition in vitamin B12 and minerals such as iron and copper allow it to carry the claim “contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system” (1). Chlorella Allma® exists either in standard form or in Smooth form, a lighter, taste-neutral version. Choose according to the desired use.

  • Lipofer®: a micronized and microencapsulated compound. Lipofer® improves iron availability, hides the metallic taste and prevents the oxidation of unsaturated fats.
    Iron is recognized as a “contributor to the normal functioning of the immune system” (1). Indeed, it would allow the activation of the NF-κB factor, which is required for the expression of genes involved in innate immunity and the inflammatory reaction (2).

  • Proteccyan®: an extract of elderberry rich in anthocyanins (≥ 30%)
    Proteccyan® is believed to play a role in the proper functioning of the immune system (3): in addition to activating the expression of cytokines, which are key molecules in the inflammatory reaction, compounds present in elderberry would have an anti-viral effet. The high content of anthocyanins also provides Proteccyan® with antioxidant properties (4).


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