b-2Cool®: an exclusive ingredient for joint health

b-2Cool®: an exclusive ingredient for joint health


Elementa is pleased to introduce you b-2Cool®, an ingredient containing native type II collagen.
Made from chicken sternum extract, ingredient b-2Cool® manufactured by BIOIBERICA is believed to play a role in the protection of joint cartilage.


Cartilage is a connective tissue whose function is to protect bone structure. It is made up of chondrocytes, collagen and a viscous colloidal solution called SFA. In the joints, the cartilage is of the hyaline type, in other words, it is mainly made up of type II collagen fibers. 

Used daily, joint cartilage tends to deteriorate with age and its regeneration is getting slower and slower. Collagen fibers resulting from the degradation of cartilage are released into the extracellular matrix and thus trigger a response from the immune system, which perceives them as undesirable elements. This provokes an inflammatory reaction that causes pain in the joints.

b-2Cool® acts according to a unique mechanism called “oral tolerance”. The type II collagen contained in b-2Cool®, once ingested, binds to specific immune structures located in the intestinal mucosa: Peyer’s patches. These allow the regulation of the immune response against type II joint collagen, thus reducing the inflammatory reaction and, in the same way, pain and cartilage degradation. 


The efficacy of b-2Cool® on joints has been demonstrated in two clinical studies on patients with erosive and non-erosive osteoarthritis, as well as in a preclinical study using an animal model of osteoarthritis. The effects observed after administration of b-2Cool® are positive: improvement of joint comfort, reduction of cartilage degradation, improvement of inflammation symptoms and finally reduction of joint pain.

Studies conducted by BIOIBERICA for the ingredient b-2Cool® indicate a daily dose of 40mg, which is much lower than for hydrolyzed collagen, traditionally used, whose effects are only noted for doses 250 times higher.

b-2Cool® is available in France.

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