Elementa meets researchers from the Fundecyt foundation

Elementa meets researchers from the Fundecyt foundation

On January 23, 2020, Laurent Depelley, founder of Elementa and Pauline Vleminckx, responsible for sourcing raw materials, spoke to the Fundecyt foundation in the West of Spain within the framework of a conference on the development of health ingredients . Let’s take a look back at this event under the sign of innovation, a rich and fruitful exchange.

Talking with 35 Spanish food scientists and sharing Elementa’s expertise in food supplements and health ingredients was a learning experience for all. The quality of the discussions at the conference and the welcome given to the team confirmed the relevance of undertaking the trip.

The conference given by Pauline Vleminckx tackled several issues around the development of health ingredients on the food supplement market to specify the framework in which innovation opportunities are the most valuable. The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the constraints regarding food safety, regulations, standardization and characterization of assets, several areas in which Elementa can intervene as an expert.

The conference made it possible to reflect and to study market pricing and find the best way to reach the consumer. A key theme for those who want to aim right and stand out.

Since 1995, the Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology (FUNDECYT) has supported scientific and technological development in the Extremadura region. It promotes the emergence of new technologies and innovative strategies to support the economic development of the region.