The possibilities for using microalgae are almost endless.

The possibilities for using microalgae are almost endless.

The Allmicroalgae company cultivates and markets microalgae. It owns the  Allma® brand.
In Portugal, at the Secil’s plant of Pataias, a team of biologists, engineers and technicians have been working on microalgae – one of the natural resources with the highest economic and environmental potential.

These aquatic micro plants, that scientists believe to have been among the first inhabitants of our planet around 2500 million years ago, are produced at the Algafarm plant. Algafarm is one of the largest photobioreactors production unit in the word, complemented with a unique fermentation technology.

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The possibilities for using microalgae are almost endless.
They are at the base of the planet’s food chain and are the best source of proteins, fatty acids vitamins, minerals, and other high value phytochemicals, which are essential for human and animal nutrition.

Demand for microalgae has been significantly on the rise worldwide. These are used for dietary supplements, for the food industry, animal nutrition and for cosmetic applications.

The production of microalgae is carried out in closed systems – photobioreactors, which guarantee a high control of culture’s parameters and contaminants.

Algafarm is totally controlled by a highly sophisticated automation system. This system provides real time data about the main indicators, assessing the state of the production and allowing better control of the cultures such as temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, respiratory quotient and optical density.

The technological option for closed production systems – Photobioreactors and Fermenters –offers the best guarantees regarding the quality of the final product. Moreover, the whole unit was designed to produce microalgae biomass with Food Grade quality.

The technology implemented at Algafarm and the technological developments were the result of several years of research in this unit. Total volume of the production systems in this unit is about 1,300 cubic meter, with an annual potential output of around 100 tons of dried biomass.

In May 2016, Algafarm certified in Food Safety and Quality management system according to ISO 22 000 and ISO 9001, on top of the already existing certifications in ISO 14001 for Environmental management and OSHAS 18001 for Safety management. In addition to these certifications, the Organic Production Certification was obtained for the Chlorella vulgaris species in March 2018, positioning Allmicroalgae as one of the very few European organic Chlorella producers, delivering a pure and high-quality product.

Besides the standard and biotechnologically produced Chlorella, the microalgae currently under production are Nannochloropsis sp., Phaeodaclylum sp. and Tetraselmis sp., which may be supplied either as powder or as fresh and frozen paste. This portfolio enables a complete supply of high value nutrients. Such as complete plant based protein, Omega 3 fatty acids and many other phytochemicals.

The microalgae powder is carefully packed in specials bags, avoiding any contact with air and light, assuring the preservation of microalgae’s biochemical properties.

Algafarm is available to supply tailor made products, adding value to business Partner’s industrial developments, based on sustainable and natural ingredients.

To support the industrial developments, Algafarm has in its site a Research & Development unit, where it’s possible to simulate different production processes and look for new ways and new species. By the end of 2018, the production of new fermented DHA-high value microalgae will also became a reality at Algafarm.  The innovative project of industrial biotechnology has been under development over the last years, and intends to help shaping this industry all over the world.