Perles de Gascogne, a rare oil company

​Founded in 1995, Perles de Gascogne is a French family-run company specializing in the production and distribution of rare and unique first cold-pressed virgin oils.

Its oils are produced exclusively from quality-controlled, integrated farming.

The company also offers certified organic Inca Inchi® oil.

Using only procedures that preserve the natural goodness of the raw ingredients under strict quality control, Perles de Gascogne markets oils with rare nutritional and sensory (organoleptic) qualities such as Inca Inchi® oil.

Extracted from the seeds of Plukenetia volubilis L., a Peruvian plant, this oil is naturally high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. In 2012, Food Safety of Ireland declared that this oil is substantially equivalent to flaxseed oil. Inca Inchi® oil can thus be used in food and food supplements.