Lipowheat™ Natural phytoceramides for skin hydration and wrinkle reduction

Lipowheat™ is the first natural ingredient rich in a combination of phytoceramides and digalactosyl-diglycerides for dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Lipowheat™ is a 100% plant-based and gluten-free ingredient.

Lipowheat™ restores ceramide levels and skin hydration and reduces all associated signs of dry-skin and wrinkle depth.

These health benefits are supported by six oral ingestion clinical trials and scientific publications.

Lipowheat™ is available in Benelux.


Lipowheat™ is composed of lipids extracted from wheat (Triticum vulgare/ aestivum) selected for its high lipid content and harvested in Europe.

Lipowheat™ is a 100% plant-based, natural, non GMO and gluten-free ingredient.

Eco-friendly methods of extraction are used and also markers quantifications by an ICH- validated HPLC method.

Lipowheat™ represents a source of phytoceramides and digalactosyl-diglycerides which can be highly beneficial for skin health and beauty.

Ceramides are a heterogeneous class of sphingolipids, key elements of the skin and represent 35-40% of the intercellular cement in the stratum corneum.

Digalactosyl-diglycerides (DGDG) are rare amphilic lipids which are involved in the increase of fibronectin synthesis, important for skin firmness.

Ceramides have a water-retention-capability which explains their role in the hydration process (figure 1 and figure 2).

skin ceramides

Figures 1 et 2: Differences between dry and normal skin with ceramides (E Gaillard, 2008).

Source: E. Gaillard, Dr. S.Boisnic. Gredeco. Clinical Evaluation of a Hydrating Food Ingredient: Lipowheat™ 2008.

Nutrition and Health Benefits

Lipowheat™ has  health benefits on skin hydration, wrinkle reduction and all-associated signs of dry skin and ageing.

Trials have been performed on Lipowheat and have demonstrated the anti-ageing effect of Lipowheat in reducing wrinkles, on the homogeneity and radiance of the skin and its strong hydrating properties of Lipowheat.

The results of these studies have been published and presented in scientific conferences across the world.

The health benefits are supported by:

In vitro and ex vivo tests


Firstly, in vitro and ex vivo tests highlight different health benefits on skin:

Hydration: barrier restructuring properties

Protection: anti-ageing properties

Anti-inflammatory effects: phospholipase A2 inhibition

Double effect on inner collagen: protection and synthesis

lipowheat benefit skin

Clinical studies

2 pilot studies and 4 clinical trials have been conducted with Lipowheat™ to expand these initial results.

The oral consumption studies carried out show a significant positive effect of Lipowheat™ on skin health and beauty:

– Hydrates dry skin
– Decreases wrinkle depth
– Decreases itching sensations and redness
– Brings softness and comfort to sensitive skin
– Leads to radiant healthy skin


Skin hydration

3 clinical studies focused on evaluating the moisturizing effect of Lipowheat™ on women;

To illustrate this effect, some results of two of the clinical studies (Gredeco, 2005, 2017) are introduced below.

The first study was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study with two treatments groups: Lipowheat™ and Placebo for 3 months on 45 women with dry skin.The purpose of the study was to evaluate the hydrating effect of Lipowheat™ and the effects on consequences of skin dryness.

Hydration was measured on legs by dermatological corneometry (capacitance measurement based on bioelectric properties of the skin expressed in % related to pre-calibration under extreme skin conditions).

Hydration (%) increased significantly in the Lipowheat™ group between D 0 and D 90 ( * p < 0.01 ). The Lipowheat™ group showed better skin hydration compared to the placebo group after 3 months of treatment. (** p = 0.01) (figure 1).

hydration measurement

Figure 1 : hydration measurement.

The new study ( 2017 ) highlighted new results on skin hydration. The study is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study which lasts 20 weeks.

64 women 55 years of age were involved and completed the study. They received 350 mg of Lipowheat capsules or a placebo during 12 weeks from January to April  and a follow up of 8 weeks was done.

Hydration was also measured by dermatological corneometry (capacitance measurement based on bioelectric properties of the skin expressed in % related to pre-calibration under extreme skin conditions).

There was a significant increase of skin hydration after 12 weeks. Skin hydration was increased in 75% of women after the 4th week and was significantly increased in 90% of women after 12 weeks.

Moreover, long lasting effects were measured 4 and 8 weeks after the end of the supplementation.

Then, dryness was evaluated from 8 weeks by a dermatological scoring for each woman with a score from 0 ( hydrated skin ) to  3 ( very dry skin ). Lipowheat was judged more efficient than placebo ( p<0.01 versus placebo compared to T=0) to reduce dryness on the face and the legs.

To conclude, Lipowheat™ significantly  increases skin hydration.  These results were shown by 6 studies with more than 200 women on the arms,face and legs, showing a global action on the skin.

Dry-skin associated signs.

A healthy and well-hydrated skin is a beautiful skin. Different studies have also evaluated the dry-skin associated signs ( redness, roughness, dullness ). They have shown that Lipowheat improves all clinical effects associated with dry skin :

  • Significant reduction of skin roughness
  • Significant reduction of itching sensations
  • Enhancement of skin radiance
  • Skin complexion uniformity

In 2015 study ( with 45 women ) , for 100% of women presenting considerable itching, a dramatically or a total disappearance was observed and 80% of women
noticed the efficacy of Lipowheat on skin softness . Likewise, in the clinical study conducted in 2017, 72% of women noticed the efficacy of Lipowheat on skin radiance and 66% of women noticed the efficacy of Lipowheat on skin complexion uniformity after 12 weeks of supplementation of Lipowheat 350 mg.

Moreover, in the clinical study of 2016, skin complexion uniformity was measured by chromatography. L parameter was measured on the internal and external part of the cheekbone. The differences betweens the two parts is significantly reduced after only 6 weeks.

Anti-ageing effect

Three studies investigated the effect of Lipowheat™ on wrinkle depth reduction.

The study of Farcoderm (2014) is a clinical-instrumental study carried out on 30 women showing signs of skin ageing who received Lipowheat™ oil ( 1 capsule of 350 mg / day) during 90 days.

Wrinkle depth was measured by a profilometric method ( scanner Primos 3D) after 45 days and 90 days. Average wrinkle depth was evaluated in the crow’s feet area. ( figure 2 )

scanner primos

Figure 2: evaluation in the crow’s feet area by Primos 3D (grey square)

After 12 weeks, wrinkle depth was decreased by 10, 2% (subject 1). (Figure 3). This study shows a significant decrease of wrinkle  depth after 3 months of supplementation with Lipowheat™.


women crow's feet 3D

Figure 3: Example of 3 D pictures of two women crow’s feet.

Wrinkles visible reduction

These results are supported by  the more recent clinical study of Boisnic et al. (2017) which brought results with a high level of proofs.

Visible wrinkle reduction was measured by Lemperle scale which uses a correlation between the grade of the wrinkle in the reference photographs with the wrinkle in a patient’s face. The classification is from 0 (no wrinkle) to 5 (lot of deep wrinkles).


Figure 4: Lipowheat™ effect on wrinkle reduction versus placebo , compared to week 0 (W0) ***p<0.001.

Wrinkles are significantly visibly  reduced, from 8 weeks (p < 0.001) compared to the placebo. This result indicates an overall visible reduction of skin wrinkles from week 8. There is a visible reduction of wrinkle for 88% of women after 12 weeks.


In conclusion, Lipowheat™ reduces skin dryness, improves skin beauty and comfort and has a anti-wrinkle effect.

Moreover, long-lasting effects were noticed:  results on wrinkles and hydration are still visible and still perceived 8 weeks after the end of the supplementation.

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Regulatory Information

In Europe, Lipowheat™ has a food grade status registered in 2003.Lipowheat Triticum Vulgare

Lipowheat™ oil is authorized in dietary supplements and functional foods.

Lipowheat™ oil is composed of lipids extracted from wheat.

Tricitum vulgare/ aestivum is listed in Annex I of the French decree on plants and authorized for use in food supplements (“Plants” Decree of 24 June 2014).

Lipowheat™ is gluten-free and GMO-free.

The ingredient is 100% plant-based, kosher and also suitable for vegetarian & vegans.

Technological Properties and Formulation


Lipowheat™ oil can be used safely in dietary supplements and has a significant action on skin dryness and wrinkle reduction.

The daily dosage for Lipowheat™ oil is 350 mg/day for oral applications

(determined by clinical studies).

The recommended duration for Lipowheat™is one month minimum.

Lipowheat™ can also be used in cosmetic products, both as a hydrating and anti-ageing active.

dripping oil

Nutrition and Health Claims

In the USA, FDA approved New Dietary Ingredient with the claim “Helps maintain healthy skin hydration”.

Lipowheat™ has been approved by Health Canada with claims in 2016.

Lipowheat™ is also TGA approved in Australia.