Keranat ™ Hair loss reduction & Hair beauty

Keranat ™ is an original patented combination of miliacin and polar lipids which together boost cell proliferation.

Keranat ™ is a natural ingredient made exclusively from plant sources that are GMO-free and gluten-free.

Keranat ™ has proven effectiveness on hair loss reduction and on hair anchorage which have been demonstrated in clinical studies. It makes for healthier looking hair, enhancing its volume, thickness, shine, and silkiness.

Keranat ™ is available in Benelux countries.


The active ingredients of Keranat are:

miliacin: extracted from whole millet seeds, this is a rare triterpenoid only found in millet (Panicum miliaceum);

polar lipids: extracted from wheat grain, they include ceramides, glycosylceramides, phospholipids and digalactosyldiglycerides;

fatty acids: mainly linoleic acid.

miliacin molecule

This preparation combines miliacin with polar lipids, which are known to act as transport vectors, thereby increasing the bioavailability of miliacin.

Nutrition and Health Benefits

Keranat is a hair loss solution whose effectiveness has been scientifically demonstrated:
– 1 scientific publication,
– 5 ex-vivo tests,
– 2 clinical studies.

Scientific publication

To determine how miliacin combined with polar lipids stimulates hair bulb cells, the study used a hair follicle model maintained in survival conditions to investigate the modulation of collagen and glycosaminoglycans (Boisnic et al. 2016).

Results show that at a concentration of 150 µg/ml, miliacin combined with polar lipids increases the proliferation of hair bulb cells by about 140%. An increase in collagen thickness was also observed on hair cells maintained in survival conditions.

The keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) have been linked with hair growth and hair cycle regulation. These growth factors were assayed using enzyme immunoassays (ELISA) with spectrophotometric readings of their concentrations at 450 nm.

The study conludes that miliacin associated with polar lipids acts on dermal papilla where it stimulates production of growth factors such as IGF1 and increases the thickness of the extracellular matrix of the connective tissue sheaths. Moreover, it stimulates the renewal of keratinocytes in the hair bulb.

Ex-vivo tests

Cell proliferation: Keranat significantly stimulates cell proliferation in hair bulbs, enhancing hair anchorage in the scalp and allowing optimal nutrition of hair cells (Figure 1).

Collagen thickness: Keranat enhances hair retention. Figure 2 shows that the thickness of collagen around the hair bulb is greater in the Keranat-treated scalp than in the control scalp.

Growth factors: Keranat stimulates IGF1 excretion. These growth factors, with KGF, promote cell division and control the hair life-cycle.

Figure 1: Cell proliferation (Source: Robertet)

cell proliferation

Figure 2: Collagen thickness (Source: Robertet)

collagen thickness

Clinical studies

Clinical evaluation of miliacin on the hair cycle and hair appearance: this randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study was carried out on two dermatologically tested groups, a miliacin (3.5 mg) group and a placebo group, for 12 weeks on 60 women.

Parameters measured were the percentage of hair in the telogen phase, general hair appearance and hair resistance using TrichoScan [1], a pull test [2], dermatologist scoring [3] and self-assessment [4]. All measured parameters demonstrated same result: efficient hair loss prevention.

Figures below illustrate results at the begining (W0) and at the end (W12) of the study. Figure 3 shows a significant decrease in hair loss after 12 weeks in the miliacin group compared with the placebo group. For the pull test, results (Figure 4) confirm better hair anchorage in the miliacin group.

Miliacin was very well tolerated during the 84 day test and considered efficient by volunteers on hair loss and on the overall aspect of hair.

[1] TrichoScan analysis measures the total amount of hair and the anagen-to-telogen ratio.
[2] In this test, the dermatologist pulled on hair (about 10 strands), and if more than two strands were pulled out, the test was considered positive.
[3] Examination of hair scalp and hair appearance.
[4] Volunteers scored their own hair loss, hair appearance, and scalp on a scale of four points.

Figure 3: % hair in telogen phase (Source: Robertet)

hair telogen phase keranat

Figure 4: Hair anchorage - Pull test (Source: Robertet)

hair anchorage keranat

– Evaluation of the dietary supplement Keranat on hair loss: a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled study on two dermatologically tested groups, a Keranat (300 mg) group and a placebo group, for 12 weeks on 60 women.

Parameters included in the study were the percentage of hair in the telogen phase measured using a phototrichogram, and the tolerance to the product using dermatologist scoring and self-assessment.

Results of the phototrichogram (Figure 5) demonstrate that hair loss decreased significantly in the Keranat group, by 50% after 3 months (p<0.01).

Hair loss reduction was observed in 91% of women in Keranat group.

Figure 5: % hair in telogen phase – Phototrichogram (Source: Robertet)

hair telogen keranat

hairloss keranat

Figure 6: Hair beauty – Dermatologist scoring (Source: Robertet)


The dermatologist scores (Figure 6) show that Keranat significantly improved hair appearance and shine compared with the placebo (p<0.01).

Self-assessment scores indicate a significant decrease in hair loss and an improvement in hair density and hair volume.


hair beauty

–> In conclusion, Keranat reduces hair loss, promotes cell proliferation for healthy hair growth.


Sources :

  • Boisnic S, Branchet MC, Gaillard E, Lamour I (2016) Milicacin Associated with Polar Lipids : Effects on Growth Factors Excretion and Extracellular Matrix of the Dermal Papilla Hair Follicle Model Maintained in Survival Conditions. Hair Therapy & Transplantation 6 : 143.
  • Lamour I, Gaillard E, Keranat – Robertet Health & Beauty

Regulatory Information

Keranat is approved for use in dietary supplements in Europe.

Panicum miliaceum is listed in the Belgian Royal Decree of 29 August 1997 on the manufacture and trade of foods composed of or containing plants or plant preparations, in List 3:  “Plants approved for use in food supplements”.

Panicum miliaceum L. is included in BelFrIt, a list of safe botanicals common to Belgium, France and Italy.

Panicum miliaceum is listed in Annex 1 of the French decree on plants authorized for use in food supplements (“Plants” Decree of 24 June 2014).

Panicum miliaceum

Keranat is patented

  • EP 2821052 B1 on the combination of miliacin and polar lipids, in particular sphingolipids and/or phospholipids, for hair and scalp care.
  • US 9,180,135 B2 on miliacin and phospholipid composition for hair and scalp care.

The ingredient is 100% plant sourced, therefore suitable for vegans.
Keranat is GMO-free and gluten-free.

Technological Properties and Formulation

Keranat can be used in dietary supplements.

The product is available in oil.

The daily dosage in dietary supplements for Keranat oil is 300mg/day which is one capsule per day, a dose that can easily be formulated in a single capsule.

Keranat can also be used in cosmetic products.

dripping oil